Empowering Your Business with Redok Digital Transformation

Redok delivers solutions to fast, safe and user-friendly service of e-file and message exchange and integration to save time and money, as well as to boost and increase productivity. Our solutions and services integrate processes from one business to another, applications and selected data in general.

However, we are not just a mere intermediary in the electronic file exchange. Active customer relations, innovative approach to product and service development, and our agility and flexibility add new values to business organizations no matter their type and size. We are enthusiasts whose solutions make life easier for our customers and rid them of work routines and repetitions. We aim to make our clients faster, better and stronger while performing their daily tasks so they can have more time left to focus on new creative challenges.

Redok solutions turn the impossible into possible.


Fran Karlo Stajher is a spirited individual who thrives on adventure and exploration. He is a devoted traveler, always seeking new experiences and challenges. Fran finds solace in the great outdoors, whether it's hiking through rugged terrain, skiing down snowy slopes, or sailing across vast waters. Innovation is at the core of Fran's being; he constantly seeks out new ways to approach problems and challenges. He is an avid gamer, finding joy and excitement in the virtual worlds he explores. Fran embodies resilience and determination, never backing down from obstacles that stand in his way.

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Matevž, an engineer guided by "Fortune favors the bold," swiftly tackles challenges with precision. Outside work, he finds solace skiing, embodying calmness and reliability. His dedication to excellence, innovative spirit and willingness to confront any problem make him a trusted professional within his circle. Matevž has a relentless commitment to efficiency and effectiveness, always striving to optimize processes and outcomes. Whether on the snowy slopes or in the office, his steadfast demeanor and dependable nature make him a valuable asset to all who rely on him.

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Dario is a man of action, driven by his dedication to both family and personal interests.While he may not dedicate extensive time to reading, Dario's enthusiasm for the rapidly evolving world of IT, particularly hardware innovations, keeps him informed and engaged. He eagerly embraces new technologies and advancements, always staying abreast of the latest developments. Guided by the mantra you're only as old as you feel, age is just a number, Dario approaches life with a youthful vigor and a readiness to seize every opportunity that comes his way.

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Tomislav, a connoisseur of classic craftsmanship and timeless melodies, finds joy in the nostalgia of yesteryears. With a penchant for vintage automobiles, and eclectic taste in music reflects his appreciation for the era's boundless creativity. Tomislav navigates the digital realm with precision and expertise, ensuring seamless communication and efficient document management for his clients. "All is Rock'n'Roll," encapsulates his approach to both work and life, embracing challenges with enthusiasm and tackling them with a rock-solid determination.

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He is calm and patient but always ready to take on any challenge. Always focused on his work. He’s not afraid to step out of his comfort zone because that’s where life truly begins for him. There’s a reason why a lion is his favourite animal. He spends his free time taking long walks and exercising. Rock ‘n’ roll is his music of choice.

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Zoran is extremely dedicated. Logical thinking is his passion and he never gets tired of exploring the potential of his own mind. He always does his best and doesn’t believe in quitting. His motto is: when you feel you can’t go on, you still have enough strength for a little more. Zoran is a caring father and husband. He spends his free time with his family or plays basketball with his friends.

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Luka is a multifaceted professional whose role as an "EDI project manager" extends beyond its title. Renowned for his reliability and efficiency, Luka navigates a heavy workload effortlessly. He maintains a balanced lifestyle, prioritizing fitness through gym sessions and cycling. In his downtime, he finds joy in music, literature, fishing and photography, all while cherishing moments with his beloved dogs. While Luka refrains from sharing his favourite quotes, they undoubtedly reflect his outlook on life and work. With a blend of dedication, enthusiasm, and a touch of humor, Luka approaches every aspect of his life with a sense of purpose and commitment.

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Meet Ivan, the ultimate multitasker, blending IT expertise with fatherhood and a dash of creativity. Known for his unwavering commitment and altruistic nature, Ivan thrives on lending a helping hand wherever needed. He firmly believes in the power of karma, knowing that kindness always comes full circle. Outside of work and family, Ivan enjoys the tranquility of nature, whether it's hunting, fishing, or simply soaking in the outdoors. A fan of electronic beats and avid football enthusiast, Ivan finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Ivan brings a unique blend of dedication, warmth, and a contagious zest for life, making him a cherished friend and colleague.

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